The Roadside Bumpkin Boilery
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The Roadside Bumpkin Boilery has started out as a run’wild hobby of our Founder Tristan. 

It all started when he was introduced to the proud Dutch barber culture, in the thriving barbershop scene in Rotterdam. Right away he was in love with all of it, from the way of shaving to the haircuts and of course the scent of fresh Pomade. 

As an enthusiast of this traditional way of grooming, he felt the desire to contribute to this in some way. And it all started when he decided to start making an own oil based pomade just for the fun of it. After a lot of trail and error he finally had made a Light weight Pomade, and it was taken on a run in a short time. 

Having found out how to replicate every Oil-based pomade that was presented to him, people soon came up to him asking for custom variations of their favourite pomades. And he always answered the same way ‘I will boil up something nice for you, and we’ll see if ye like’ it’.  

Word spread and eventually a sizable circle of customers was build including but not limited to barbers and models who wanted their own personalised products. But always he kept coming back to the pubs where his first customers resided these were the people who build him up! This is why he still does the private label service by him self. 

But how did the name came to be? Well the story goes that Tristan who was a horse groomer and trainer for a living, a job he held dear he loved the animals and still does. 

Even though he wasn’t unsophisticated he always will be a Horseman working in the Dutch Polder, the rural farmland and outdoors of the swampy Polder was imbedded in him. From his farmers tan to his though language, people often mistook him for a farmer or countryman. 

But instead of being ashamed when they called out or trying to defend him self by proving otherwise, he just picked up the slur and started wearing it with pride calling himself a true Country Bumpkin.    

He didn’t only stick with calling himself a Bumpkin he made it his whole identity singing songs like “I be a cider drinker’ or ‘Hey moonshine’ to ‘Hay in ma’drawers’ at the bonfires while making love to his drink and some lucky girl not specifically in that order. 

Where ever he went he always was kept a hint of the rural in his presence. In het pubs people who didn’t knew him took him for an outsider, and in the city locals where virtually always enthralled by the easygoing life of the Polder he presented. It was so much different then their heavy passed city lifestyle. 

The boiling of pomade as it became to be known, grew like crops at a new dawn. And the small project became a sort of business, customers seeking him out and he provided them with exactly what the were desiring. 

He soon needed a real place to store his ingredients and a place ‘to cook’. This was after setting his kitchen on fire when he was experimenting with some Pomade blend while being hung over. 

A member of his family aided him with a small shack on the side of a road splitting up the farmland, he resided their for a while. 


But soon the need came to get himself a more sophisticated working place and he moved away from the Polder to the city of Dordrecht. Leaving the Polder behind heading out for new pastures,…..and like they say the rest is history…..